Molly Tayer

Secretary/Treasurer of Board

MOLLY TAYER is a long-time Boulder resident with a passion for community building.  After coordinating and facilitating the first national YIMBY Conference held in Boulder in 2016, Molly determined to resume her community development work with an ignited interest in conversations around housing and, specifically, the need for more affordable and balanced housing to serve many income levels of residents. Molly took this commitment to work in 2018 when she joined the City of Westminster to help launch a focused affordable housing strategy inside of the City’s Economic Development Department. Molly’s career began in affordable housing while in college as she worked on an inner-city housing redevelopment non-profit in Omaha, Nebraska and then became the CDBG manager at the City of Santa Fe.  Molly came to Boulder to facilitate the community assessment associated with the closure of Rocky Flats, and stayed to become the City of Boulder’s first Neighborhood Liaison. Molly is married to John Tayer and enjoys her free time hiking, skiing, reading, and these days . . . looking forward to travelling again someday.