Rental Questionnaire

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We believe affordable housing is more than just a place to live. By
creating inclusive communities, Thistle contributes to better quality of life
for residents and invests in a brighter collective future for Boulder County.

Homeowner Application

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Thistle accepts applications ONLY when we have a Community Land Trust home or a Mapleton mobile home available for sale. We encourage you to apply directly to the City of Boulder. The City of Boulder can forward your application to Thistle at your request when Thistle has a CLT home available for sale. Click here for available homes.

Thistle and the City of Boulder use the Common Application to apply for homeownership. Before filling out the application, read our CLT FAQ and Community Land Trust Applications and Availability summary here.

Then, apply for a mortgage with a lender familiar with our program. See the  CLT Lender List.

Click here to register for the required Homeownership Training class.