From visionary open space, land use and sustainability policies to forward-thinking public services programs, our county government helps foster a vibrant, healthy and active community.

Boulder County is a national leader in innovative sustainability efforts. The county’s EnergySmart service was recently honored with a national Innovation in Government Award. The Zero Waste program advocates for eliminating waste by modeling resource management on the waste-free and self-sustaining systems found in nature.

Economy & Opportunities

Home to a world-class research university, a diverse mix of key industry clusters, major government research facilities, visionary entrepreneurs and the nation’s most highly educated population, Boulder’s economy is truly unique in size and diversity. Key Boulder highlights include: 7,000 employers (5 or more employees), 94,000 jobs, 550+ primary employers, 105,101 population, Top research university, 17 federally-funded research labs, Nationally-recognized center of entrepreneurship and innovation, Leading industry clusters, including aerospace, bioscience, cleantech, IT, natural products and outdoor recreation.