Cool Timeline

Sep 13

Yarmouth Way Completed

Affordable Home ownership

The ten affordable homes at Yarmouth were preserved in the City of Boulder’s Deed Restricted program. Construction of 1200 Rosewood . Total People served: 21,704 Total homes: 696 Yarmouth Development Cost: $6,600,000 PHOTO: The woonerf, a multi-modal pathway, is at the center of the neighborhood.

Jan 01

Workforce Ownership Housing Development

Affordable home ownership

Construction began at Yarmouth Way, a 25-home ownership development in Boulder of which 10 were affordable. Home buyers included Boulder Valley School District and University of Colorado staff.  Two properties exited the Thistle rental portfolio. Total People served: 20,434 Total homes: 696 PHOTO: Townhomes at Yarmouth Way.

Jun 23

Thistle Urged Employers to “InVest in Boulder”

Affordable home ownership

In preparation for three-home developments totaling 51 homes in partnership with Allison Management, Thistle conducted outreach to the area’s major employers. Toby’s Lane was completed with modular designed and built, constructed in the factory and delivered on site. Five affordable homes were preserved in the City of Boulder’s Deed Restricted Program. In June, the Cannery became the first property in Longmont to become certified in the national Crime Free Multi Housing program which is proven to reduce crime and increase..Read More

Jul 27

KaBOOM! Playground Built in One Day

Affordable housing

Over 200 volunteers came together to erect a playground at Thistle’s Northglenn property in July. This was truly a group effort. Thistle purchased Toby’s Lane a one-acre site in Boulder with 8 homes (5 affordable) planned. Total People served: 16,533 Total homes: 999 Toby’s Lane Land Purchase Price: $300,000 PHOTO: 200 volunteers participated in building a playground at Thistle’s property in Northglenn.

Dec 01

The Year of Awards

Community Land Trust

For Blue Vista, 2008 National Association of Home Builders Green Development Project of the Year Award, Single Family Attached and Detached Category and 2008 BUILT GREEN COLORADO AWARD from the Denver Home Builders Association: Built Green Colorado Home of the Year – $250,000 or under. For the Trailer Wrap, Thistle received the 2008 Architect’s Choice from the Denver Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and 2008 Honor Citation from the Gulf States Region of the AIA. Total People..Read More

Jan 01

Trailer Wrap Unveiled

Mapleton Mobile Home Park

The Trailer Wrap, an innovative partnership among Thistle, the University of Colorado and Mapleton Homeowners Association, was unveiled. Longmont was the center of development activity for Thistle in 2007. CLT and market rate buyers purchased the first homes at Blue Vista in Longmont; Thistle built 65 homes (34 affordable) before construction was halted in 2011 due to Real Estate conditions. Thistle acquired the Cannery, a historic landmark of three buildings with 94 units. Total People served: 12,049 Total homes: 987..Read More

Jul 13

Thistle Hosted National CLT Conference

CLT Conference

More than 300 housing experts convened in Boulder over July 13-15, 2006 and formed the National CLT Network. Construction continued at Blue Vista, readying for new families. Fairways Apartments, 70 units next to Fairways Golf Course in Boulder, were added to Thistle’ housing stock with funding from the initiative Alliance for the American Dream. Total People served: 11,084 Total homes: 917 Fairways Purchase Price: $5,500,000 PHOTO: Attendees at a forum at the CLT conference.

Dec 13

Boulder Developments

Uptown Broadway Apartments

Thistle acquired Uptown Broadway Apartments with 32 units. As part of the deal of Uptown Broadway, the developers built six affordable condos which were added to the City of Boulder’s deed-restricted program. Total People served: 10003 Total homes: 835 Uptown Broadway Purchase Price: $2,177,000 PHOTO: Courtyard at Uptown Broadway.

Feb 24

Thistle Joined NeighborWorks America, Mapleton Preserved

Affordable Homes Boulder

As part of the NeighborWorks network, Thistle receives investments, technical support and training. Thistle is a NWA member in Exemplary standing. After years of negotiations, Thistle purchased MMHP (135 sites) from the City of Boulder. Goss Street, a unique property with 26 units in central Boulder, was also added. Total People served: 9064 Total homes: 803 MMHP Purchase Price: $6,100,000 Goss Street Purchase Price: $1,200,000 PHOTO: Mapleton mobile home.

Jan 01

CLT Homes Added in Lafayette

Permanently Affordable CLT Home

Four additional scattered site Community Land Trust homes were added in Lafayette. Total People served: 6991 Total homes: 642 Chester Street Purchase Price: $240,000 PHOTO: Chester Street homes in Lafayette.