January 1


CLT home
During this year, two Community Land Trust homes were added to the portfolio. Total People served: 1791 Total homes: 148 Scattered Site Purchase Price: $225,000 PHOTO: A CLT family enjoys their front porch.
June 1

Thistle Expanded to Longmont

Affordable apartments in Longmont
With the purchase of Terry Street, 23 units in two buildings in North Longmont, Thistle expanded our offerings to the community. In addition, Thistle converted Sunnypoint Apartments into 15 Community Land Trust ownership condos. Total People served: 1463 Total homes: 146 Terry Street Purchase Price: $795,000 PHOTO: Terry Street Apartments in Longmont.
July 10

A Banner Year

A Banner Year
Homeowners bought the first Community Land Trust homes in the Buena Vista community, a total of 57 permanently affordable ownership homes were added to City of Boulder affordable housing stock. Thistle purchased six Scattered Community Land Trust sites in Lafayette and Longmont as well as the eight-unit Laguna Apartments in Boulder. Total People served: 1118 Total homes: 122 Laguna Purchase Price: $445,000 Scattered Site Purchase Price: $600,000 PHOTO: A resident and scooter at Laguna Apartments in Boulder.
January 1

Boulder Expansion

Affordable townhomes
Parkside Village, a 34-unit property in Boulder with three- and four-bedroom townhomes, was added to the portfolio in October. Total People served: 809 Total homes: 108 Parkside Purchase Price: $3,775,000 PHOTO: The renovated townhomes at Parkside Village, Boulder.
July 1

Acquisitions Continue

Affordable Boulder
Spruce Street, a small four-unit property in downtown Boulder, became the newest Thistle rental property in July. Total People served: 553 Total homes: 74 Spruce Street Purchase Price: $374,000 PHOTO: Spruce Street in Boulder.
October 15

Thistle became a Developer

Community Land Trust
In October 1993, Thistle purchased the land for the future Buena Vista development project in North Boulder. Total People served: 375 Total homes: 70 Buena Vista Land Purchase Price: $400,000 PHOTO: CLT homeowners in Buena Vista.
January 1

Affordable Offerings Doubled

Affordable apartments
Valmont Square, a complex of three buildings with 36 apartments is added to Thistle’s rental portfolio. Total People served: 207 Total homes: 70 Valmont Square Purchase Price: $1,800,000 PHOTO: Valmont Square in Boulder.
February 1

Sunnypoint Apartments Purchased

Affordable units in Boulder
Thistle purchases Sunnypoint Apartments, a 15-unit building in east Boulder, in February, 1991. Total People served: 59 Total homes: 34 Sunnypoint Purchase Price: $650,000 PHOTO: Sunnypoint Apartments in Boulder.
January 1

Planning for the Future

Predevelopment and fundraising activities began in earnest as Thistle planned for expansion. Total People served: 25 Total homes: 19 PHOTO: A family in an affordable ownership home.
April 11

Thistle Opened Doors to Its First Residents

Affordable accessible homes
Sage Court Apartments open for low-income disabled individuals. All 19 units were accessible for people with mobility challenges. Total People served: 24 Total homes: 19 Sage Court Development Costs: $1,275,000 PHOTO: Sage Court residents and Thistle staff enjoy the courtyard at Sage.