Cool Timeline

Jan 01

Affordable Offerings Doubled

Affordable apartments

Valmont Square, a complex of three buildings with 36 apartments is added to Thistle’s rental portfolio. Total People served: 207 Total homes: 70 Valmont Square Purchase Price: $1,800,000 PHOTO: Valmont Square in Boulder.

Feb 01

Sunnypoint Apartments Purchased

Affordable units in Boulder

Thistle purchases Sunnypoint Apartments, a 15-unit building in east Boulder, in February, 1991. Total People served: 59 Total homes: 34 Sunnypoint Purchase Price: $650,000 PHOTO: Sunnypoint Apartments in Boulder.

Jan 01

Planning for the Future


Predevelopment and fundraising activities began in earnest as Thistle planned for expansion. Total People served: 25 Total homes: 19 PHOTO: A family in an affordable ownership home.

Apr 11

Thistle Opened Doors to Its First Residents

Affordable accessible homes

Sage Court Apartments open for low-income disabled individuals. All 19 units were accessible for people with mobility challenges. Total People served: 24 Total homes: 19 Sage Court Development Costs: $1,275,000 PHOTO: Sage Court residents and Thistle staff enjoy the courtyard at Sage.

Aug 12

The Thistle Group

Sage Court Apartments

Thistle Community Housing was incorporated as a 501(c)3 to take over management and ownership of Sage Court, a 19-unit apartment building for people with disabilities. A HUD funding rule at the time prohibited the housing authority from owning and managing the property. PHOTO: Sage Court in Boulder.

Jun 11

Thistle’s Beginnings

Thistle’s Beginnings

Originally named Boulder’s Best, the group formed to develop a 19-unit apartment building to provide homes for people with disabilities. The development partnership included Center for People With Disabilities and Housing Authority of City of Boulder. PHOTO: The view from Bear Peak, overlooking Boulder