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Current resident issue?

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Interested in Renting?

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Does Thistle offer temporary or emergency housing?

No, we do not offer temporary or emergency housing. You may contact EFFA  for assistance.

How long are your leases?

Generally, we offer one-year lease periods.

What are the ID requirements?

You need a government-issued ID card and a Social Security card in order to apply.

How much is the monthly rent?

Thistle apartment rent ranges: Boulder: $597 for a studio to $1,977 for a  four-bedroom townhome. Longmont: from $597 for a studio to $1,476 for a three-bedroom.

How much money can I earn per month and still qualify?

The maximum income one person can earn to live in a Thistle apartment is 60% of the Area Median Income or $$47,760 for a one-person household. This amount increases with the number of dependents.

Can you show me an apartment before I decide if I want to apply?

Before our leasing agents can show you an apartment or give you an estimate of your rent, you must first fill out the prescreening form, found here. Once we receive your form, the staff makes a preliminary assessment to see if you prequalify. Our goal is to get back to you in three to four business days.

How much does it cost to apply?

If you do prequalify after filling out the prescreening form, you will need to formally apply. You will fill out a rental application and return the application with a $25 non-refundable application fee in the form of a money order for every adult who will live in the apartment.

What is your application process? How long does it take?

Once we have your completed application and fees, Thistle will conduct credit and background checks, employment, asset and landlord verifications. Please allow approximately 10 business days for processing your application. This process may take longer depending upon unit availability.

Once your information is verified and you are qualified for a Thistle apartment, the leasing agents will let you know you’ve been approved. The Community Manager will then call to schedule your move-in date and lease signing.

I have a felony on my records, can I still qualify?

Thistle will review your situation against our criminal background policy. Generally, applicants with violent or sexual offenses will not qualify.

Please note: Thistle must follow federal, state and local requirements which determine the qualifications for admittance to affordable housing.

Interested in Owning a Home?

Thistle’s Community Land Trust (CLT) program may be right for you.

Does Thistle own and sell homes?

The individual CLT homeowners sell their homes to potential buyers. Thistle ensures that the buyers are income-qualified; Thistle does not own or show any properties. There is no lottery to be entered. However, we do have preferences for work location and household size.

Can you tell me about the program?

Please read our CLT FAQ and Community Land Trust Applications and Availability summaries here.

What is the first step to buying a CLT home?

Contact a lender familiar with our program. See the CLT Lender List. Generally, you must be able to qualify for a mortgage to purchase a CLT home. We know of no lenders who accept Section 8 for home purchase.

Where do I apply?

Thistle, the City of Boulder and the Boulder County Down Payment Assistance program (Longmont) use the Common Application to apply for homeownership. You can find the application here. Please print and fill out the application and include all hard copy required documents from the Documents check list. When we have a CLT home available for sale, send/take in to the City of Boulder’s Homeownership program, making sure to check the box for Thistle on the front cover sheet. This is the application for City of Longmont homes as well. The City will forward your application to Thistle when we have a CLT home for sale. Thistle only accepts application when a CLT home is available on our website.

What is the next step?

In addition to the Common Application, please fill out the CLT Supplement or Mapleton Supplement (if you are interested in a mobile home) and send it to Thistle, attention Marguerite Ryback.

When can I make an offer?

Once you receive your eligibility letter from Thistle, you may make an offer on a CLT home, provided you meet the AMI requirements for the particular home. Once a home is posted to our website, it will remain up for a minimum of two weeks to allow time for buyers to submit applications.

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